Sunday, 3 April 2011

April showers

What a miserable day it's turned out to be! This morning it was gloriously sunny, I was quite excited about getting outside on the balcony and doing some gardening. The seeds in the greenhouse all seem to be pretty well compared to previous attempts at seed growing.

However the sun didn't last and it's rained on and off all day. Boo! We went out for lunch this afternoon but failed to get a sunday roast - literally no where near where we live make sunday dinners anymore. This should be a crime! So I got a burrito and the Mr-non-crochet got a steak.


As it's so dull I can't really take any pictures of what I've been working on but I can tell you that thanks to Alice @ Crochet with Raymond I have been knitting!!

Nevermind, what I can do is show you some cards I've been making for the million weddings I'm going to this year (not a sniff at an invite to the Royal Wedding, think my invite got lost in the post). The pattern is the Sweet Heart Crochet from Bella Dia, the small one is just a slightly smaller modified version and they're just hand stitched onto card.

And even more excitingly I can show you this!!

Yarn storage!

Ikea have these reduced to a mere £20! My Local Yarn Shop Purl City Yarns has these in the larger size, and obviously with their collection of millions of amazing colours they look fab! I might only have enough yarn to fill one square but I love it :-D And it's freed up some other shelves for J's fish keeping equipment...

I will leave you with some nice photos I took in March, before it started raining... I'm off to knit! x x x

March March

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