Sunday, 19 June 2011


I'm a little bit addicted to Ravelry, a website for people into knitting and crocheting. People like me. The only group I've joined is "We love Lucy" which is anyone who likes the Blog Attic 24 although it's a pretty random bunch; some knitters, some crocheters, some who just like talking to nice like minded people.

Anyway I'd seen that a few people got together a while back and had a swap - you know, pairing up, sending yarn over seas - and it seemed quite exciting! When the next one was suggested I thought I'd give it a go. Why not!

I am so glad I did, I was proper thrilled to bits with all the things my partner Nanita sent me! She's from Belgium, sadly she hasn't got a blog but I wish she did because she makes awesome amigurumi! My design tech teacher always used to say "a picture is worth 1000 words" so here's the proof!

Ravelry Swap

Ravelry Swap

New stash

LOOK how much yarn!!! Look at the colours!!! Boyfriend said "send it back!" haha! He thinks I have too much already...

Ravelry Swap

This is quite possibly my most favourite thing - A BEE!!!! He is bloody awesome isn't he? I love him! Look at his antennae! :-D

Ravelry Swap

These chickens are also amazing, I need to take some photos of their bums, they have really cool feathers at the back!

Ravelry Swap
And look, a really funky tin for all my random things :-D I really like this because I've got loads of "objects with faces" on and it's just really me!

My partner did a great job and I'm biased of course but I think I got the best partner ever :-D She took so much time finding out what I liked, making me a bee... I can't really say how amazed I was - actually a little speechless (yes I know...) when I opened it. I can only hope she liked her parcel just as much! As soon as she gets it I'll put some pics up that I took before it went on it's journey.

That's all for now, I've got some hexagons to crochet...!

x x x

P.S Nanita received my parcel and took a lovely photo, here's what I sent her!


  1. Weee look at our stuff! :D I'm thrilled that you liked it, I love your goodies just as much and have already been using the yarn, decorating my place, eating the chocolate :D Brilliant swap experience! xxxx

  2. How Fun! I think you both had the best partners ever. Enjoy! Happy creating! Tammy

  3. Wow, you did get a great swap package! Mine was extraordinary too! The bee is just too cute!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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