Tuesday, 9 August 2011


When I came home from work yesterday I was full of intentions to get blogging about some of the knitting I've been doing. I turned my laptop on, checked my emails, Twitter and Facebook first and saw a message from my friend. It warned people to stay away from Lewisham in London as there had been outbursts of rioting.

For the rest of the night I was glued to Twitter, BBC news & the telly. I grew up not a million miles from Croydon and fortunately all is well in my home town for now but a lot of places near by are in a bad way.

Needless to say I didn't particularly feel like blogging after that, I think I only managed to knit one row all night! I would very much like the world to be a better place right now.

So lets try and talk about happier things like this.

Frogged stocking stitch scarf

This is the first thing I ever knitted, it's a scarf but you can see it's not exactly finished because I ran out of yarn. Then my LYS stopped selling it (I since found out it was discontinued). Then I lost the label and couldn't remember what it was called!

Frogged stocking stitch scarf

I loved the way it effortlessly made beautiful pink and purple stripes!

Frogged stocking stitch scarf

My scarf now looks like this.

What yarn is this?


I know! I'm a bit miffed I frogged my first ever project but I decided if I ever wanted to finish it I'd need to make it half as wide thus making it twice as long. Then I thought why not put a photo on Ravelry and see if anyone can identify it...

What yarn is this?

Some lovely and extremely helpful people in the We Love Lucy group on Ravelry gave me great pointers on where to get help, and then someone posted saying they knew the yarn!! I now know that it's a Wendy Chameleon yarn in the colour Derwent. I also now know (having paid for them!) that I can get balls from ebay. I now realise I probably didn't need to frog it afterall!!!

Oh well, such is life :-) Stay safe!

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  1. That is going to be a lovely scarf and you can have it as wide and as long as you like now you know what yarn it is :)

  2. I agree with Lucy that it's very pretty yarn. I'm so sorry to hear of the riots over there, I don't understand it. Stay safe and ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Lovely yarn, the colour scheme reminds me of the Elise shawl I've made (http://www.ravelry.com/projects/Nanita/elise-shawl) and I have the same problem! I remember loving the yarn but I can't remember what it was called (tss, have to get more organised and fill out the project info properly!). I was very sorry to hear about the London riots, it's shocking. Some politicians have warned about the possibility that riots might be surging here in Brussels as well. Let's hope for the best. xxxx


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