Wednesday, 10 August 2011

A little help from my friends

Good evening! Hope you're all doing ok, things here got a bit scary last night and unfortunately (as you've probably seen) we had a fair amount of rioting in Manchester. I live just outside the city centre so far enough away to be out of harms way but we could see smoke from Salford and the air was filled with sirens all night. To be honest it was a little too much!

This morning we headed into town to join the clean up team, my lovely manager let me have the time off work, horray! By the time we arrived it was almost back to normal, shops were being boarded up, Wilkinsons was giving out brooms and the City Council's street cleaning teams were in full force handing out litter pickers, bags and gloves.


I'm really proud of my city and everyone who turned out! Being in a better mood today I've been getting on with some knitting and now I need some ideas! I saved this photo as inspiration but unfortunately I can't remember where from to link back to it (if anyone recognises it please let me know). and the lovely Ms C from Happy Elastic showed me how to search for images on Google and voila! It's from Mymlenogmy in Norway :-)

knitted cushion

I didn't have the exact colours so tried using a few stylecraft shades as alternatives; it didn't work! So I carried on making squares with all the colours I have and now I've got this lovely lot (plus a couple more):

Garter stitch squares

The problem is while they look great in a line they don't look great in a square!

Garter stitch squares

I just can't seem to match them up right...

Garter stitch squares

These are the best colour combinations I can come up with. I've added a few other colours since like the green but that hasn't really helped. My mum suggested sewing them all together and making a snake! I quite like this idea actually but I wanted to get some other oppinions to. So.... Any ideas my lovelies?!

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  1. I am no good with colour arranging I'd end up sat with a colour wheel trying to work out what might go where!

    Its made me proud seeing on north west tonight about the clean up operations that have popped up everywhere! If I was closer I'd have been out too. There wasn't any trouble to report here in warrington but its been pretty scary all the not knowing!
    Glad you're ok though. x

  2. Well done for the clean up operation, actions truly do speak louder than words. It must have felt great to be allowed off work to put some of the wrong, right! It really cheers me up to think there are people prepared to do that. It goes a long way to redressing the balance. I love the patchwork cushion...does it help going bigger...5x5? Just a thought. I am the master of colour mismatch! I think I inherited a touch of my fathers colour blindness, I was tested and retested for it in school. lol

  3. That must have been such a scary night, surreal to see that happening in your own town... I'm so glad you're ok, well done for the cleaning operation! :-) I like your colour combinations for a cushion, but your mum's idea sounds like fun as well!
    p.s. lovely hair! ;-) xxxx

  4. I'm glad you were safe, and also allowed to take part in the clean up operation.
    I am rubbish at colour matching too (which is not helped by being colour blind!), but I think your colours looked fine!

  5. @TrulyJades A colour wheel might be what I need!

    @Lucy (In The Sky) Thanks! What kind of colour blindness do you have? Someone at work can't see red so thought my hair was black!!

    @Nanita Thanks too! The squares will probably be 3 x 3 or 4 x 4 to fit a cushion I already have so I'll have to keep playing about... :-)

  6. For as many folk as there are out there making the mess and destruction there's twice as many to help assist with cleaning and tidying up so I applaud you for getting out there and helping. Love your knitted squares a lot - it will look really pretty once it's all put together.

    BTW your hair colour is the same as mine so it's obviously lovely lol ;)!!

  7. Oh forgot to add, just looking at the photo of the cushion and I'm actually thinking that they might not be knitted squares but actually strips made to look like squares by changing colour every so often but I could be wrong on that one.

  8. I love all the colours, sorry I have no wisdom to offer you at all.

    I was born and raised in East Grinstead. None of my family that still live there were affected.

    As we know, living in South Africa, the news tends to make things look worse than they are, but after reading your blog, I have to admit it sounded bad.

    I love the idea of a snake, that's so cute, my sister wants draft stoppers and you have given me an idea. Thanks

  9. Blues and greens were my issues in testing and I think oranges and yellows, I think colour blindness is weird because how do you miss what you have never had or how do you know if you see things differently to everyone else? It was those weird 3D pattern tests, I can never do them and I can never read those disguised pin number patterns either which can be a nuisance, you scrape them hold them up and I'll be jiggered if I can read a number! lol

  10. Love the bottom color arrangement best, but they all look lovely. Have you tried blocking your squares with pins and spray water on a mat?

  11. Hi K - I've blocked before, I was going to sew them together first (hoping that joining the corners will square them out a bit) and if not block them at the end. It's quite effective isn't it!

    @ Lucy, Oranges & Yellows are overrated anyway! As for those pin number things, that's annoying!

  12. Hello, thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. Nice to meet you. Thanks for the colour appreciation, I'm looking forward to having a big uniform blanket. I'm off to look around your lovely blog now xox Penelope

  13. The blog the original pic came from is this one here.

    You can do searches by image on by uploading a picture or putting in the web address, I've been using it a lot since I found it! Seems the original cushion is done in crochet.

    Well done for helping with the clear up. It was horrid times for sure, though it's great to see the community spirit that has come from it all.

  14. @Butterfly - loving that we have the same hair colour! I've notice a lot of people going red recently, we've obviously started a trend! Ok maybe it was Rhianna...

    @Ms C - thanks!!! That's a really good idea :-) I've linked to the bloh in my post now. Ta!

    @Rugbymad - let me know how you get on making a snake :-D

  15. Although I love love love color... Putting them all together scares me! Weird I know. But really I think these look really good together and would make a fabulous pillow. But a snake might be really cool as an alternative. Sounds fun! Wishing you a happy Sunday. :)

  16. A bright colour mixed amongst them will snap them into place my lovely and add that zing you're looking for :)
    have a nosey at my blankies etc for colour inspiration the patchwork snake sounds a brilliant idea :) and awesome work with the clean up :) i watched in horror at all the going's on,hugs xx


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