Monday, 15 August 2011

Moss stitch & skirts


Have you had a nice weekend? It was over far too fast, as if it is Monday again. Hmpf! I really need to get back to some crocheting soon - I feel as if we're drifting apart! My other creative loves have made my hooks take a back seat. Oh well at least they have a cosy home while they wait to be used...

This is the yarn I bought on my trip to Ramsbottom a few weekends ago. I love anything that's big and valuable!

King Cole Big Value Chunky DK

I could only get one ball from Clark Craft so scoured the internet and found a great site Zips n Clips which didn't have a postage charge, yessssss!

Moss stitch scarf

I've started to knit a scarf in moss stitch. It's a bit fiddly because you have to K1 P1 all the way along row but I think the result is fantastic!

I've cast on 23 rows which seems a lot easier as each row starts and ends with a knit stitch. An even number was more complicated and I can't remember quite how it went!

Moss stitch scarf 

The result is these little lumpy bumpy things which are quite cool and it makes a change from all the things I've done in stocking or garter stitch.
Now even though I've set myself a challenge not to buy anything between now & a weekend away in Sicily (what a great location for a wedding!) I have managed to come up with the following excuses:

a) I needed to buy more of the King Cole Chunky or I couldn't finish the scarf

b) I needed to buy plastic boxes (4 for £4!) to store my yarn as I discovered a couple of moths in the house...

c) I need to buy this yarn because I ran out a year ago and just found out what it was called (and that it was discontinued and could therefore run out at any moment!)

Wendy Chameleon

Not a great start.... and then

d) I needed to buy more fabric because I had run out for my sewing project!

I signed up to BurdaStyle a few months ago; I love clothes and I buy too many so I thought if I can't make some myself I clearly don't love them enough. Then I made the mistake of going into Leons (dammit!) and coming away with the most adorable black fabric covered in Russian dolls!

This was the pattern in all it's printed glory (hope I'm not infringing any copyright here, it is quite small afterall!) all 22 pages (42 if you count the other pattern I printed by mistake)

Skirt sewing project

This is the pattern cut out to size with much help and much thanks to J who was very helpful!

Skirt sewing project

... And here it is laid out and ready to cut. I hadn't quite worked out at this point I needed four of the large pieces (the front and back) and they should have been cut as one piece... This is how I ended up buying more fabric!

Skirt sewing project

I didn't take many photos after that because I got a bit carried away. This is the skirt with pleats and sides sewn ready for a zip.

Russian dolls skirt

This zip!

Russian dolls skirt

Then it all kind of magically came together and I was pretty amazed. It even fits!

Russian dolls skirt

I'll have to give you a proper photo (yes this is me...) because J failed in his photo taking despite actually being very good*


Russian dolls skirt

Well that's me and that was my weekend, complete with a BBQ and everything. Hooks I do love you really :-)

x x x x


  1. Oh I am sooo impressed with your skirt, I love the fabric. Well done you, I was looking at a pair of curtains I bought from a charity shop today and wishing I could turn them into a skirt. I really need some sewing lessons. I cant do patterns. I have a very simple denim skirt I thought I might try to copy it. I will probably end up with a skirt that looks like a pair of curtains!

  2. That moss stitch is perfect for the wool you're using on the scarf! I am intrigued, I just started knitting (2 days ago) and only know how to cast on, knit and purl. I can't even manage to go straight up yet, since in every purl-row the first stitch duplicates magically (why oh why?? I cannot understand!) and I end up with an upside down trapezium shape (sigh). Your skirt is absolutely brilliant, I love everything about it! Well done!! :-) xxxx

  3. Lucy it won't end up looking like curtains :-) I got my pattern from BurdaStyle although some people think their patterns are quite complicated. The Melissa pattern I followed was ok though & I think it only cost me $3.

    I would just give it a go, afterall it's only a pair of curtains :-) How much have you sewn before? I started with bunting and that was good practice. Sewing lessons are expensive, I was really tempted but couldn't afford them so thought I'd try and see how I got on :-)

    @Nanita, I'm not really a knitting expert so I'm not sure how you're increasing but I'd recommend if you're doing a knit row, purl the 1st and last stitch of the row, similarly when you do the purl row knit the 1st and last stitch; this stops it from curling which is why mine is nice and straight (unlike the pink scarf in my photo which I didn't do like this!)

    I can't explain in words out to go from a knit > purl or purl > knit but this is the video I used to learn :-)

    Knitting or purling every row makings garter stitch, knitting and purling every other row makes stocking stitch, and knitting & purling every other stitch makes moss stitch :-)

  4. I found you:) Thank you for everything my lovely, I shall look forward to your posts now tht i've found you,
    Much love Amanda xx

  5. Ooh I love the skirt fabric! Though it looks like printing and putting together the paper pattern is a project all by itself. I think my printer would keel over and die.

    Loving the scarf too, moss stitch looks just right with that yarn.

  6. Ahh Nicole, thank you for your brilliant explanation and tips for avoiding the crazy curling! Yaaay! I showed my grandma yesterday how I start my purling, appearently I placed my thread in a wrong position when starting the purl-row, thus creating two stitches - silly me :D I'm off to watch the video now, thank you once again!! xxxx

  7. Your skirt looks amazing and the fabric is gorgeous :)

  8. Ta Ms C! It was actually, it took me 2 days of cutting & sticking (including the fabric cutting) and only an afternoon / evening to sew!! So glad my OH (who I need a blog name for...) helped!!

    @Nanita - how's the knitting coming on then?!

  9. I'm well impressed with the skirt :-) Love the doll fabric too!
    What gorgeous wool for your scarf, I love moss stitch but it's always a fiddle as I forget and end up doing the whole row in either knit or plain....


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