Monday, 22 August 2011

When I'm sewing bunting


Whoever sent us beautiful sunshine thank you!! It's been so lovely today :-) I met a friend for lunch and gave her the baby granny stripe I'd been working on for her absolutely gorgeous little son J! He is the most beautiful little baby e-v-e-r!

Baby Granny Stripe Blanket

Bye bye blanket! I'm pleased to see it go, it was made for someone else & is now with its rightful owner. I just hope he doesn't dribble on it toooo much!

I'm super excited about the end of this week, we're off to Sicily for the bank holiday weekend for a friends wedding! My friend's a very lucky lady (marrying an Italian and all that!) and I've known her for years yet I had no idea what to get her. I also never got her a present when her daughter was born (we live far away!) so there was only one thing for it...

Bunting time!

Dotty Bunting

I know one should be quite humble about ones projects but I really really love this and I have to give it away!!! What I really love is the fabric & the colors, which I didn't make, so I'm actually loving someone elses creativity instead. I have quite a nice stash of fabrics now in greens, reds & blues, some of the patterns (like these dots) are reoccuring so this kinda just happened!

Dotty Bunting

The tape at the top has worked really well. Normally I use bias binding but I bought this huge roll of tape for some ridiculously cheap price (10 zips and this for £2!) and it's going to last me ages so I'm very happy! It also works quite well in white. Like I said, love it!

Dotty Bunting

But guess what... I made a lot more triangle flags that I haven't sewn together yet so there's more bunting to come! I might keep it or I might sell it again :-) Or I might do both!

When I get back from my hols I'll show you something else I've been learning. *Cough* knitting with DPNs *cough*!!

See you soon!

x x x x


  1. What a beautiful blanket and more pretty bunting, you must make some for keeps!

  2. Absolutely fabulous! love everything my lovely you have only gone and done it! what a superstar! There'll be one happy baby about town hehe and that bunting is Gorgeous!!

  3. Such a happy bunting! I'm glad the blankie found its way to its little owner :-) Have a brilliant time in Sicily, lucky you!! :-) x

  4. Lovely bunting! How nice to thik of that little chap wrapped up in the stripey snuggliness! Maybe you will find more fabric in Sicilly...have fun! :)x

  5. Thanks Lucy! I definitely think I will do :-)

    @Amanda, Ta hon! I posted your square today :-D Yesterday must have been pension day or something, the queue was out the door of our post office!

    @Nanita, I was so pleased to finally hand it over, his mum loved it *yay*!

    @Jill, if only!!! I'll have to leave some clothes & shoes behind if I do, stupid baggage allowance!!


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