Thursday, 1 September 2011


Hello my lovelies - when did there become 51 of you! How are you all? I hope you had a brilliant bank holiday weekend; I'm shattered! Why is it that holiday's are never relaxing and you always come back needing more time off??


I think I'm just about recovered now, Sicily was absolutely beautiful and the wedding was very fun although being in Italian we had no idea what was going on whatsoever!


I really need to catch up on some Ravelry / Blog reading; so many beautiful things posted that I want to see!

I've been busy with my scarf, just a few rows a day but good progress I think

Moss stitch scarf

Do you remember last week I mentioned the dreaded DPNs? Well I bought a set ages ago and they've sat un-used in my needle roll. In truth I bought them because Alice (Crochet with Raymond) had used them and I thought "she's a great knitter, I must need these!" I decided then to give it a go...

Knitted jar cosy

I must say I don't really love using DPNs, they're quite fiddly and I ended up poking myself a lot!

Knitted jar cosy

But I got quite far and even got a bit brave and changed colours!

Knitted jar cosy

Ta dah! Ok not the most amazing thing ever but it's alright isn't it?


  1. Hey Nicole...Sicily looks good...not somewhere I have been yet.. along with most of the rest of the world! I have never tried DPN's of those knitting techniques that part of me believes is reserved for 'really good knitters'...and in my mind 'DPN' is always said in hushed tones! I love the little post cover...and the'll be needing that soon :)x

  2. I've done the DPNs thing too and my goodness, it's nice to know one can do it, but me, I'll stick with my crochet hook! LOL
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. I must admit I didn't know what DPN's were - whoa, so that's actually three pointy needles?!! That goes far beyond my understanding/coordination skills I'm afraid - so I am very impressed you did so well, colour changes and everything! :-) Sicily looks great, an Italian wedding must have been quite an experience :-) Have a lovely weekend! xxxx

  4. Wow, good for you. You did it, doesn't it feel good to try something that you have avoided. It's beautiful and the colors are great! Be Proud! xoRobin❤

  5. Not a real fan of the DPNs. But I just learned Magic Loop, great for small rounds. Then I use my tiny circulars!
    Your results look great!

  6. @Jill, thanks hon, it' really not reserved for good knitters, I'm far from good but am persevering!

    @Teresa, I completely agree! I know I can do it now but it doesn't mean I want to :-) Give me some regular needles or a hook any day!

    @Nanita, I think a fair amount of coordination's needed because the ones you aren't working with just get in the way! A real pain :-) the wedding was craZy! My friends mother-in-law planned the whole thing, no one knew what was happening, it was all in Italian so we went with it, bus driver who took all the British friends / family had to leave early which would have ended the wedding basically so my friend & newly married husband jumped onboard and we all went back to Palermo to party!! Good times :-D

    @Robin, it DOES feel good! Now I know I can do it it need be but to be honest I'll avoid it again if possible haha. Now to try a circular needle...!

  7. Your pics of Sicily invoked such memories for me!Which part were you in?I totally agree about those dratted needles with the double points!Nearly had one or both of my eyes out on several occasions!Love your colours though.Take care. x

  8. We stayed in the capital Palermo and the wedding was in Alia :-) I really love Italy & kinda wishing I could speak more!

  9. Hello Nicole, thanks for stopping by my blog - I love finding new people! Ahh DPN's are a nightmare aren't they?! You've done really well with them though - much better than my attempt.

    And your hex blanket is gorgeous - I'm actually working on something very similar! x

  10. I wish I could get up the courage to use the set of dpns that I bought AGES ago! You've done an amazing job with yours - changing colour too!! (The colours are fab by the way.) I've only just read your first post but I can I'm going to love your blog!!

    Louise xx

  11. Thanks Louise! I'm loving your blog too, I think it came up on Coco Rose, it's nice to discover new blogs :-)

    @Terri - is that the African flower hexes your doing? I LOVE them!!


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