Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Tuesdays tallies: 2

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IT'S COLD!!! I am NOT enjoying the tail end of hurricane Katia, it's so windy here I've had to tie all my plants down, my one and only sun flower had a run in with a blown over chair (it didn't make it!) and I've been wearing ear plugs at night to drown out the noise.

Listen to me moan as if we actually have bad weather in England! I'm sure this is laughable to people in New Zealand, Japan and America... But we Brit's love a good weather moan don't we?! :-)

Well enough of that for now - it's Tuesday which means it's One a Day update time! I've not been doing too badly! Had a wobble at the end of the week so played catch up on Saturday in between buying more tropical fish with J; you'd never have known if I wasn't so honest.

So here we go...

Day Six

Day Seven

Day Eight

Day Nine

Day Ten



Day Eleven

Day Twelve

I've decided to sew the hexagons in at the end of each week so when it's done it really WILL be done, yay!

before&after copy

Hexagon blanket progress

Hope you're all having a fab evening!

Check out The Gingerbread Girls blog for links to everyone elses Tuesday's tallies :-) I'll be looking as soon as I get 5 minutes between exam revision, work and living!!

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  1. Wow you are making great progress...So much beautiful colour... I love it! :)x

  2. So, which one didn't make it, the chair or the flower? LOL!

    Love the photo, especially the socks on your feet. Great colors in the blanket.

  3. It's coming along so well and I love all your colours so much. What's the yarn you're using by the way, is it the Stylecraft?

  4. Your hexie is looking amazing! I especially enjoyed the progress of Day Eight and Nine - lol! We for a change have sunny wheather today, which is brilliant, because I have my first official driver's class and I'm terribly scared as it is. Weak in the knees and all. Wish me luck!! :-) xxxx

  5. That is looking awesome! And I had to laugh at day 8 & 9, too cute! I would also be whinging about the weather in your shoes, however, down here we just had the most beautiful spring day after a very cold weekend so I have not updated my craft blog today but my herbal blog instead. :-) Outside was just far too alluring I tell you!

  6. Your blanket is looking great, all the hexagons are so beautiful. I think the weather would be better if it actually made up its mind to get cold and wintery rather than just grey, at least we could get the cosy hand knits out then

  7. Wow this hexagon blanket is looking amazing! I also love your little cup..

  8. I love it already! And I'm sure lots of us will be playing catch up at some point too!

  9. Lovely colours. I've not got round to making hexagons yet. The blanket is going to be lovely when it's finished.
    Kier x

  10. The colours are gorgeous all together, that is going to be a really lovely blanket when you're done!

  11. I just love your color combos! You're really doing great!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  12. Beautiful!! Oh, and I'm from New Zealand and we love a good weather moan here too ;)

  13. That blanket is absolutely stunning! One a day is such a good, disciplined plan! Laura x


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