Sunday, 18 September 2011

Knitty business

Good evening all! I just wanted to pop in and see how everyone was doing. It's the end of the weekend and I've only made one hexagon, no knitting, sewing or anything! I don't like these weekends. I can't even say we've been busy with amazing trips or visits to friends but we have just cooked a roast dinner!

Sweet hearts

Yesterday J and I rearranged our livingroom because we were bored and it had been the same for two years. We learnt that we'd put things in their old places for a reason but at least things look a little different now :-)

What have you been upto? Maybe it's still your weekend and you haven't finished. I'd love to hear!

Millie Colori

I'm still loving this wool, it's absolutely beautiful. It's actually 50% wool 50% acrylic which is great because it was probabl y50% cheaper and seems to be 50% less itchy. Win win!

I frogged the straight garter stitch scarf I'd been working on and now I have something that looks like this

Diagonal stripey scarf

It looks a bit wonky but I can assure you my stitches are exact so I'm going to block it at the end. What do you think? I really like it! It's still garter stitch but with an increase and decrease on either end which makes it just a little bit more complicated and enough to keep me interested.

Moss stitch scarf

My lunch break Moss Stitch scarf is also coming along nicely too. I make sure this is the only project I take to work because I know it will be forgotten and never finished!

Dotty bunting

Time to get another hexagon done! Good night and thanks for visiting, it means very much :-)

x x x x


  1. I think both of your scarves are great :)

  2. Your scarves are awesome.. and that yarn is **YUMMY**! Thanks for sharing. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. I love the colours in that yarn. I had a fairly productive weekend for a change - but more housework and cooking (and less knitting/crochet) than I would have liked.

  4. Lots of adorable photographs, I think my favourite ones are the top and bottom one...Very cute decoratives, I really like bunting and would love to make some for my future wedding!

    Your scarves are looking great, especially the colour of the wool in the first one...even if its more complicated to do than previously, it keeps you challenged as you said he he

  5. Ooh, I love your new garter stitch scarf, it looks absolutely spectacular! I've given up on the knitting for the moment, it was just so painfully slooow and the results were always wonky, no matter what. I really hope to get the hang of it one day though! :-) xxxx

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  7. Hi Nicole, thanks again for your lovely comment on my blog. You are so sweet! I also didn't really have a crafty weekend. It was a really nice weekend though, I visited my parents and we went to this amazing air show. My parents live near the beach and I always love to go there, even when the weather is cold and windy!

    Love the yarn! I start to get wanties with all this colorful yarn I see popping up at ravelry and blogland. Wanties!

  8. Hey Nicole... The diagonal garter stitch is so much better than the straight... do you have a pattern link that I could follow please? A day just isn't complete without a little creating is it? :)x

  9. I LOVE your diagonal garter stitch scarf - The yarn is fab! I wish I was better at knitting... I really must try harder! It's just that I'm SO addicted to crochet I'd much rather have a hook in my hand at the moment! :)
    Thank you for the lovely comment you let on my blog - I wish I was Super woman, I'd get my housework done A LOT quicker! hehe :)
    Hope you have a great week

    Louise xx

  10. Your diagonal strip scarf looks great, it works really well with the yarn

  11. @ Lucy & Teresa - thanks ladies!

    @ Madmum - I'm glad it was productive butit's a shame neither of us got much crocheting in :-(

    @ Hazel - thanks! A combination of lovely light and J's SLR camera :-) You should definitely make wedding bunting it's very easy! I'm going to put up a tutorial for some Christmas bunting I'm making, but nearer Christmas :-)

    @Nanita - don't give up! just try again :-) I tend to knit really slowly so I don't drop or increase because I don't actually know how to pick up dropped stitches!! You see, you *think* I know what I'm doing but it's all lies :-D

    @Suzanne - hi!! Love that you had a nice weekend with your folks, those are the best! I'm due to see mine too soon, yay!

    @Jill - I've left a comment on your blog post (ironically about scarves!) with the pattern link and also my modifications. I could post them on my blog but I think I'd have to ask the Purl Bee first as it's 70% their work and about 30% my improvisation. Ok maybe 80/20!!

    @Louise - hello!! I was always rubbish at knitting and I used to give it a bad name but since giving it a go (and producing masses of un-finished scarves) I've come to love it!

    @AlittleBitSheepish - thanks! I agree diagonals + this yarn work so well!


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