Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Tuesdays tallies: 8!

Hi hi hi! Guess what!!! I completely mis-counted my hexagons when I was playing catch up so instead of being 3 days behind I am actually 3 days ahead - WOO HOO!!


Welcome to Tuesdays Tallies week 8!

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I forgot it was Tuesday and nearly stayed late at work, then I remembered and had to rush home to catch the light for photographing! When the clocks change I think I'll have to wait til the weekend :-(

I haven't sewn in my new hexies yet (or edged many of them) so there will be lots of fun this week doing that. I quite enjoy it actually and I sew my ends in as I go along - not because I'm one of those annoying people (!!) but because I use Sarah Londons joining method which you need to use a needle for (so you might as well keep sewing!) and I sew the hexies together. Trust me if it wasn't for this my ends would be very much loose!

So time for a mega catch up then!!

Fourty OneFourty Two

Fourty ThreeFourty Four

Fourty FiveFourty Six

Fourty SevenFourty Eight

Fourty NineFifty

Fifty OneFifty Two

Fifty ThreeFifty Four

Please click the One a Day banner to visit Caroles blog and give her encouragement along with the other people joining it - it really is difficult to keep up and we're all trying our best :-)

Right time to pick up J now, I'll be blogging later about more cables and hook handles!!

x x x x


  1. Your hexies are magnificent! What a wonderful family heirloom you're making! I do hope you're keeping it.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Yay for the miscount - 3 days ahead rather than behind would make me jump around the room!!!

  3. i just love the colours & fab news about being ahead :)

  4. I love it when you realize you've done more than you thought. They look fab, great colour choices.xxx

  5. wow you've done so well. they all look so pretty. xx

  6. I love what you have done. So pretty.

  7. such pretty colors, & lovely job in photographing all of them!

  8. Ooooh ! Pretty colors! I'm glad you made it home in time, keep it up! =D

  9. Isnt it awesome when you realise you are ahead rather than behind... Yay! Your hexis are great~

  10. Very pretty! And Yay for being ahead!

  11. You have done lots and lots! They are looking very pretty, and very colourful :)

  12. Beautiful! And YAY for the mis-count!!!! :D

  13. Impressive! Love love love the colors :) xx Nicky

  14. How great when you have done more than you think, they look really wonderful.

  15. wow great hexies - and great to find out that you're ahead! Judy x

  16. This blanket is going to be absolutely stunning! Your colours are gorgeous! :-) xxxx

  17. Ahhh a lot of enthusiasm for extra hexagons! Believe me it's a good feeling haha

    Thanks for all your lovely comments it's really spurring me on right now :-) You're all fab x


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