Saturday, 29 October 2011

Fall backwards

Hello! I've decided to have a bit of a makeover but just a very subtle one. It's very much part of my personality that I have come to understand and live with that I have a very short attention span and get very restless!

This morning

Like a few weeks ago when I insisted we re-arrange our living room even though we really had everything in the best place (well so we thought)! I can't watch tv or films without picking up my needles, hooks or phone. I like to think of this as "multi-tasking"; I'm just too busy to do one thing at a time!

This is partly the reason I seem to have so many WIPs on the go.

1. Hexagon blanket
2. Moss Stitch scarf
3. Diagonal striped scarf Stripy snood / cowl
4. Cable mittens
5. Fairisle scarf
6. Knitted squares worm / snake
7. My mums pink scarf
8. Snowflakes for babies spending xmas day in hospital

Moss stitch scarf is a slow burner but is going well and if I keep doing a few rows at lunch I should get finished some time this year. I'm not too fussed about fairisle scarf (too many scarves on the go I think) and the knitted squares are almost joined to make a snake / worm toy.

I'll post some snowflakes in November when it's acceptable to show Christmassy things but essentially they are to decorate cots of babies who will be spending Christmas day in hospital. The lovely Lynne on Ravelry has organised it as her baby son had to stay in hospital over Christmas when he was born. If you want to join in just have a look at the thread on Ravelry (you might have to join but it's free and a great website!)

Did you notice number 3? Yep I frogged it again! I loved the stitch but it was way too thin for a scarf and would have been quite useless so I've decided to make a snood / cowl.

Knitted cowl / snood

I wanted it all in garter stitch but having knitted on a circular needle one sides garter and the other is stocking. Oh well, I have the best of both worlds! I've also decided if I need to buy more yarn (because I think the circles quite large!) then so be it. I will NOT be frogging it again!!!

Knitted cowl / snood

Knitted cowl / snood

Something I have finished are these spotty handles for my crochet hooks. None of my hooks have ever had handles before and I wasn't sure I'd be a fan but it's a massive improvement! They are so comfortable to hold I was really surprised :-)

Hook handles

I need to get packing now, I'm going to stay with my Uncle & Auntie for the night - my folks have come up for the weekend and they only live across the Peak District from us. Thinking about it has me very excited! Hope you also have an enjoyable weekend too :-)

x x x x

P.S don't forget that in England the clocks change tomorrow and we get an extra hour in bed (or awake if you prefer!) Remember; Spring forwards, Fall backwards :-)


  1. You made those handles? You could sell them, I love them.

  2. Love your hook handles and that yarn and all your wips! We're having sun in Oregon today.. hope you're having a great weekend.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. I am loving your cowl! Sometimes it takes a while to figure out what the yarn wants to be, I think this is just perfect :-) I hope you've had a lovely time with your family! xxxx

  4. Love that yarn, what pretty colours it will be gorgeous when it's finished. Your hooks look great with their spotty handles, I reckon it's a great idea especially on the very fine hooks, I've snapped a couple of size 2 hooks!

    Love the snowflake make, I just followed your link and joined up too....thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

  5. Your cowl is going to look lovely!!I love the colours in that!!And you have done a very good job with the hook handles!!They look so cute!!

  6. goodness you have got a lot on the go! says she who has lost count of her own WIP's! hope you had fun at your uncle and aunties.
    love jooles x

  7. Thank you ladies!! I don't think I could sell the hooks Kashi they aren't *that* good but good enough for me :-)

    I had a great weekend it was so lovely to chill with family :-) Now if only I could get some more WIPs done (instead of starting more) I'd be very happy!


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