Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Tuesdays Tallies: 9

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I'm mixing things up a bit and having my Tuesdays Tallies on a Wednesday! I forgot about the clocks changing so when I get home from work now it's too dark to take photo but this was all rectified today at lunch time :-) I now have 61 One-A-Day hexagons which including all those I already had is a grand total of 140!! Woo hoo!

Still no idea when I'll be stopping but soon I hope because I've just taken delivery of another stylecraft batch (two massive bags!) and I'm going to embark on a ripple for some spring time babies!

Click the One-A-Day banner above to visit Caroles site and see other One-A-Day projects. Some people are finished now!

Here's mine :-)

Fifty FiveFifty Six

Fifty SevenFifty Eight

Week 9Sixty

Sixty One

Week 9

Thanks for visiting and thanks as always for all the lovely comments. When I logged on this evening I had a little surprise - SEVENTY followers! :-o This is incredibly exciting! :-D

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  1. It's gorgeous....I know that feeling when you are enjoying something, but itching to get it finished so you can start the next thing! I always see the next project about a day after a start something big, typical eh! Look forward to seeing it finished soon then!

  2. I love this blanket so much, the colours are simply heavenly. I love big bags of wool arriving through the post, nothing better than a big squishy parcel being handed over!

  3. Looking gorgeous. Isn't it the way with us crafty girls our heads always on the next project we want to make hehehe. xx

  4. Looks good. I have you on my blog list, does that show up anywhere? I will stick you on my follow page too.

  5. It does Kashi! I've got the same widget and it shows the blogs you follow :-) Very cool and a lot easier than updating manually x

  6. Wow... what a stunning blanket! The bigger it gets that more I am stunned! I really can't wait to see it finished... :)x

  7. beautiful individually, and stunning together!

  8. Beautiful! I love the way the circles sit so nicely in the hexagons. I can see this pattern in a floor mat but am wondering what fibre to use. Hmmmmm Maybe time for some up-cycling of old things! :-)

  9. Your blanket is outstanding. You have a great eye for color. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  10. Ooooh congratulations on the followers! :) That's awesome! As is your blanket ofcourse - I am just so in love with that thing!


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