Sunday, 6 November 2011

Rainbow ripples

I know I shouldn't have... But I've started a new project!

Baby Ripple

I had all good intentions of finishing my hexagon blanket first (and all the other WIPs!) but Deramores were selling Stylecraft at 10% off and I was running low. I also have a Little Woolie inspired blanket in my mind that was calling out for some Stylecraft so a purchase was very necessary.

I just hadn't planned on starting a ripple on the same day the yarn arrived!

This will be a blanket for my new niece or nephew! J's sister & brother-in-law are having a little one in Spring next year so this will either be an xmas present or a baby shower present. I'm sure I can russle up some other baby goodies if it becomes an xmas present!

Lucy & Heather (Attic 24 & Little Tin Bird) are doing a Ripple Along here so it made sense to join in :-)

My cowl/snood is coming along reeeeally lovely but my camera (ok J's...) needs to be charged so I can't show you. I needed more yarn for it and guess what was opposite the pub I went to on Friday - the yarn shop! This is a total coinsidence I promise, I didn't even pick the pub!

In other news I've recently taken up climbing... I can't honestly tell you why, it never appealed to me before and I'm not a big fan of heights but I thought I'd give it a go - now I'm hooked!

This is where we go:

Manchester Climbing Centre

I've been to the top of the nearside right wall (it's green) and others of a similar height which are about 10m or so. ScArY stuff!

Anywho that's all from me, apart to say (which I totally forgot) my interview went well and I get to keep my job, horray! Hope you're all enjoying your weekends (it's actually sunny here!) and hope you're getting some hooky / knitting time in :-)

x x x x


  1. Should never deprive yourself of a good ripple. :) If you squint your eyes and look at the climbing walls, they are good colours for a ripple to. Well done on the interview to keep your own job! (tut tut, what is the world coming to!) x

  2. The ripple is an addictive one I think! I finished a real small one for a baby and I thought I'd got it out of my system, but I'm hankering after another one now! Your ripple looks lovely!

    Wow that climbing wall is really impressive, but more so you for climbing it, I have no upper body strength at all so I'd b rubbish!

  3. Wow, You are very BRAVE! I'm scared of heights, the older I get the worse it gets.
    Love your ripple. xoRobin❤

  4. Don't worry Faith I have no arm strength but it's getting easier so something must be happening!

  5. I love your ripple.. it's so fun to think we're all ripple-ing all around the world.. together! I'm impressed with your climbing.. when I was a hippie living in Hawaii when I was 18 I climbed up a rock wall to a pool of water from a waterfall that was above the tree canopy!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Congrats on keeping your job! (how strange, I misunderstood you first, I thought it was an interview for another job, but it seems to be an interview to keep the job you have. I'm puzzled :-)) Such fun that you've started a baby ripple, it's looking wonderful already! And well done on the climbing, I tried it once and got shaky legs just two meters up :D xxxx

  7. Oh yes Nanita, my OWN job!! Basically where I work has been going through a restructure as our budgets been cut. Everyones been interviewed but fortunately anyone not successful will be redeployed so no redundancies

    I still wanted my job though! :-)

  8. Love the ripple, especially the alternating of the white, really sets off the other colours.
    Good news that you're keeping your own job, do you work in the NHS? This is going on a lot here right now, and DH had to interview for his own job a couple of years ago, despite there being no-one else applying????
    Crazy world

  9. Lovely ripple, gorgeous colours. What cowl are you making. I look forward to seeing it completed soon! Bravo on the climbing front, we have a climbing centre near us which Bella Bee has been to, not me though, I'm too chicken incase I make a fool of myself!
    Kier x


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