Saturday, 10 December 2011

On the 10th day of Christmas

I had a cup of tea! :-)

It's been 18 days since I last blogged, I really did stop didn't I after I stopped making hexagons didn't I! I think I'm going to pick those up again in the new year when hopefully I have a few other projects done. I've really missed blogging and all of you lot, you are very cheery and it's nice to be part of this lovely bloggy, knitty, yarny, crochet community :-) x

Stripy snood has been a very slow progress so I've picked it up and I'm trying to have a marathon knit this weekend. I'm hoping to get onto ball 3 of 4 :-)

Here's todays photo:

Snood progress...

It's curled quite a bit so is wider than it looks, I'm thinking I might iron it when it's finished but I need to do a bit of research and find out if this will kill it in a good or bad way!

Snood progress...

Snood progress...

Isn't the colourway devine!? I seriously cannot get enough of this yarn and I'm so glad I went and bought more. Might have been because I'd had a drink or two before visiting the yarn shop though!!

*I thought I'd best add some details of the yarn!  It's Lang Yarns Mille Colori in Pink / Purple (53.  I got it from my LYS Purl City Yarns in Manchester and it was about £4 for a 50g ball.  I'm probably going to use 4 in total but it will be well worth the cost and I never make anything from expensive yarn to it's a little treat to myself.  *grin!*

Soooo do you remember back in October I mentioned I'd been making Christmas decorations but it was way to early to share? Well I almost forgot and now its December!

My friend Jeni had a craft fair so I made some hanging tree deorations, crochet trees, bunting and two amigurumi mugs; the ones I've changed my profile pic too. Jeni's mum & brother bought those (yay, a good home!) and most of the felt decs sold. I was very glad to keep the bunting (and not make more!) and also the trees which I sort of overpriced for a reason... haha! Sorry for the terrible photo, I realise I didn't take any close ups of the tree decorations so this will have to do I'm afraid :-)

Jeni's craft fair

I didn't really come away with a "profit" because I bought a lot of over lovely things being sold (a necklace, a canvas, some cake...!) but I also technically didn't spend any money which is totally awesome!

So now that I'm feeling all good and festive, I've started re-watching the Lord of the Rings (it's become a Christmas tradition!) and my tree is up. You want to see?!

Christmas 2011

I've been hauding Christmas bags for a couple of years and the tins were a Friday lunchtime purchase from Lidl, £3.99 for all three - they might still have some if anyone is looking  interested!

Christmas 2011

I could go on sharing Christmas things but I think I might save them for another day!

Hope you're having a good advent so far (lots of kinnerton chocolate!) and are looking forward to Christmas as much as me :-)

x x x x


  1. Looking wonderful, those tins from Lidl are great 'braggins'
    Carol xx

  2. Your Tree looks lovely, I think your tins are brilliant, they would make a nice pattern for a crimbo jumper! Your close up knitting shots are brill too....I have yarn envy :)

  3. I agree.. the colors in that yarn are magnificent! Did you say what it is? Your tree looks great.. and I'm jealous of those tins! That's how my craft shows have gone, I just sell enough to buy some things.. oh well!
    *M*E*R*R*Y* *C*H*R*I*S*T*M*A*S*!*
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. That yarn's colourway is amazing indeed, the cowl will be gorgeous! Your tree is beautiful, and what a brilliant idea to watch Lord of the Rings again, I can't wait for The Hobbit to come out! :-) xxxx

  5. Thanks Teresa! The yarn is Lang Yarns Mille Colori (Pink / Purple (53)), I got it in my little LYS called Purl City Yarns - I might add this to the post actually :-)

    Lucy I have the BEST Christmas jumper ever, I'll get a photo to post another time. It's red with white fairisle, it even says Ryan on it like it might be some kids kitted jumper hahah!

    Nanita I am SOOOO excited about the Hobbit! When I was at uni they should have been making it soon after (but there were problems I think with permissions etc) because I'd have flown out to NZ and begged to work on some of the sets, how awesome to have been able to make little minuature models! :-)

  6. Good to have you back in blogland! Wonderful tree and ornaments. That bunting looks sooo lovely, I wouldn't want to sell it either haha.

    Let 2012 be the hexipuff year, I'm addicted.

  7. Thanks for following me, you got a new follower too :-)

    Oh your tree looks beautiful! I love all the felt decorations on it.
    What lovely little trees, I'd be wanting to keep those too!
    The cowl looks fabulous, the wool is just gorgeous, just my sort of colours and I have a thing for anything variegated.

  8. Awww your blog looks so festive!! It sounds like you had a wonderful time selling things and buying things he he!

    Could you visit my blog, there is something for you to read

  9. Take a peek at my blog, there's a little something!


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