Saturday, 28 January 2012

Decisions decisions!

It might be a bit late in the evening to be blogging but I really felt like saying hello and I'm definitely one of those bloggers who has to be in 'the right mood'. Which is now!

This is first weekend this year where I've actually been home and it's been nice to get stuff done, take photos of the things I've been making and just enjoy not travelling! I've been to London lots lately (don't get my wrong, I love it!) but it's been quite nice to have a weekend off. That said I've been very busy and I'd quite like to just sleep!

I think I've already admitted that I broke one of my resolutions about not starting a new project but this is kinda a replacement so that's ok right?


This is ripple number two! I decided (about 7 stripes in actually!) that I really wasn't liking my first ripple at all. My colour order was all wrong, who knows others might like it but I don't and that means I really don't want to give it to my new niece or nephew in a few months when they're born so I started this new one and I LOVE it! I'm basically more or less copying the same colours I used in my granny stripe

Baby Granny Stripe Blanket
Having said all that I might give ripple number one to another friend also having a baby because I figure this is better than binning it (which she can do if she wants!!) or unravelling it for the sake of a little bit of yarn.

RippleOr not! I'm very undecided. I do have a good friend who loves my crocheting, even the fugly stuff but unfortunately her kids are 4 and 6 now so I'm not sure what she'd do with it! Decisions decisions :-)

IMG_4596In other news the snood is onto it's last ball of yarn! I need to start taking proper lunch breaks as this is about the only time I seem to work on it now!


  1. Your blanket will be a treasured gift. It's gorgeous!!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Fugly? That definitely does not come under Fugly! I know that when something doesn't sit happy with it's creator, it doesn't always change, but that is still a lovely ripple....I do love a ripple, so peaceful looking somehow, maybe it's the creator's peacefulness whilst making the blanket that comes out in it.

    The new ripple looks lovely too....don't you just love blanket making? It is I admit, my addiction!

  3. As the mother of a 3 and a 6 your old I can cheerfully inform you that there is always space in the house for a sofa blanket to snuggle under on poorly or tired days. Unless it's really tiny so that they couldn't get their little legs underneath it I wouldn't dismiss the idea of giving it to your friend.
    I agree with Faith though, it isn't ugly at all!

  4. I love Ripple Number Two! But I love the first one as well, please don't frog it :-) Maybe you feel better about it with a border added?
    Wow, the snood, I'm jealous! It's so gorgeous, the colours are amazing. I hope you get a lot of proper lunch breaks, I really want to see it finished! :D xxxx

  5. I agree with Hilly T little lap blankets always come in useful. Especially pretty and cheerful ones. I also agree with Nanita a border would finish it off and make it a wee bit bigger. I am sure your friend will love it.

  6. Ooo love the new ripple! The first one is lovely too though so it needs to be found a home, I'm sure it'll be treasured by one of your friends.
    Fugly it ain't!
    Lori x

  7. How frustrating when your colours don't work the way you hoped they would! They do look gorgeous though and whoever becomes their owner will love them!

  8. Ripples looking great to me, and I just L-O-V-E the colours in the snood.

  9. Love your colors. I gave you an award.

  10. Such lovely colors! :D I love seeing this, everything looks great :)


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