Sunday, 2 September 2012

Thank you :-D

I'm so overwhelmed with your amazing comments on my blanket I really am! Second to snuggling up in it these make it SO worth every second spent - thank you!

I was just checking too that I linked the pattern to Attic 24 and I did so that's good, I want to spread the hexagon love far & wide, so to anyone who said they'd love to do one I say Do It!!

Now because I'm a bit implusive & tend to have several projects on the go at once, I've not gotten round to showing you this one!

Knitted cushion cover

Back when I started a second pink snood for a friend, I tried and tried and tried to knit ribboned-stockinette-stitch from a pattern that I found here. I'd seen a cushion in Next which I think was the same stitch and I'm sure I took a photo but having spent almost the last hour searching I've given up. It's not on their website either, but needless to say I saw it and thought "I could do that."

Knitted cushion cover
It looked very much like this!

Now for the life of me I just couldn't get it right, so in the end I gave up and my friends snood's is regular stocking stitch. However... I couldn't let this beat me! So with some chunkier yarn I tried again... Woo hoo, it started to come together!

Knitted cushion cover
This is what you'd call the "front" although the reverse is equally as lovely - difficult to pick which side to use.

Knitted cushion cover

A few more shots of progress...

Stockinette Ribbon Cushion

At first I really needed to use my counter but I've learnt to do it without. It's a little tricky at first but after so many rows you get used to when to knit & when to slip :)


I cast on slightly too many stitches for the cushion inner I have, and I was going to knit two squares so I could have the 'front' and 'reverse' stitch on either side of the cushion, but this probably won't happen now because I don't have enough yarn to make a second square, instead it will have to be a rectangular cushion. I might try to find a way of making it reversible...

Have you tried making your own project based on something you saw? If you have I'd love to see it!

BBFN x x x x


  1. Looks an intriguing stitch, great texture.
    Carol xx

  2. I agree, both sides are lovely textures. I think I would go for the front side though as it stands out as that little bit different. The reminds me more of simple moss stitch. Nice still though. Love your little stitch counter, its adorable. :-)

  3. Gorgeous knit project! Is it the seed stitch? Just awesome! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Fabulous knitting :-) I like the front best but both sides do look great
    Lori xx


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