Sunday, 11 November 2012

The cat in the hat

This weekend I am mostly thankful for not being dragged up a Mountain. This time last week I was somewhere walking up Snowdon in Wales. "Come for a walk" they said, "it will be fun!" they said. What was presented to me as an "easy" walk turned out to be eleven miles. E-l-e-v-e-n miles! The top had snow, lots of snow & lots of wind. I wasn't prepared for this. Today I've stayed indoors, tucked under a blanket, just to make up for that.

I did do a bit of climbing which while scary was also jolly fun. Again, today I'll be staying indoors, tucked under a blanket, just to make up for that.

I don't usually put my face on my blog, but for the purposes of taking photos of hats there's not really any alternative and there's no one else who's going to model for me.  Except my fluffy owl :)

Knitted cat hat

This is actually the second hat I made...  The first was meant to be a white panda hat from a free Deramores pattern.  I'm pretty sure I followed the pattern exactly but clearly it was meant for a giant with a giant head.  I wish I'd taken some photos before I frogged it, it looked like some sort of bank robbers mask!!!

So, I found another pattern on Ravelry which has ear flaps - hurrah!  This pattern called for using DPNs at the end and I even managed that!  At the end of every round I had the right number of stitches - this has never happened before!

Knitted cat hat

Look at those decreases :)

Knitted cat hat

It was only at the end I realised I'd started to decrease way too early and the hat was pitifully small.  It's destined to be fluffy owls hat now (cos he really needs one right?)

I cast on again straight away...  This time I knitted many many rounds, certain it would be long enough.

Knitted cat hat

Ta dah!  Well not quite, there's more work to do but IT FITS!

Knitted cat hat

Knitted cat hat

And this was my progress from last night - ears!!

Knitted cat hat

I'll be writing up my own pattern at some point.  It's obviously a modification of the one from Ravelry but I had to adapt it to use 4mm needles and your good old DK yarn which I figure this is the most common yarn / needle size in the UK.

I've made a nose and I'm now on the hunt for some buttons for eyes...  Watch this space :)

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  1. Wowow Nicole, I LOVE your hat! And those ears! How clever of you, using dpn's and everything. Please please write up your pattern when you have the time! :-) xxxx

    1. Thanks Nanita :) Will get the pattern done soon x

  2. Good job on that hat, Nicole! And you should always model your things as you are a beauty! Can't wait to see it done. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. What a great hat and I agree you should not hide away from the camera. Great ideas all round. Thank you for popping over to CHalky's World and leaving a lovely comment.
    Kindest Regards

  4. Your hat looks very clever and warm, Nicole! The word "snow" is becoming more common in the conversations around me. My SIL came home from target shooting and reported snow mixed with rain near Mt. Hood today. Happy stitching [ you make a fine model,BTW :)] xx from Gracie

  5. Your hat is super cute Nicole!!! and those super pretty hooks you made a few post ago are totally gorgeous!!! I loved the polka dots and the vibrant colors!!
    Keep away from the cold and have a great week!!


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