Friday, 4 January 2013

Hello Twenty Thirteen

Happy New Year my lovelies :D It's good to be back but I can't tell you how much I wish it were still the holidays, even though I know it wouldn't be as special if it lasted forever. We spent a very long week down at my folks in London, although a week didn't seem long enough in the end!

Christmas Day was very chilled out and merry. I was up early to see my brother before he had to work (!!) which meant opening presents, followed by more presents when J got up (fair-isle slippers!), followed by party food for lunch, mulled wine, dinner making, a nap, plying my parents with alcohol while they were being busy, my brother coming home still in good spirits, more presents, Christmas Dinner, Christmas Crackers, Trivial Pursuit (my Dad lost) Christmas Pudding and then bed.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, or if that's not your thing a peaceful end to the year :)

I can't quite believe where the year has gone but looking back at my projects for the year sort of puts things into an order I can make sense of! I really enjoyed making little mosaics at the beginning of last year so I've done the same now, only this time I've discovered Pic Monkey which is a brilliant website for making collages, mosaics and editing photos - a huge time saver.

There are four projects from last year that I've finished which was one of my 2012 resolutions, but I've also started this year with more unfinished WIPs. Oh well!

2012 collage
1. Hexagon blanket - completed :)
2. A stockinette stitch cushion cover. I've cast on too many stitches for the cushion inner I have so I may start this again...
3. Spring Garden Granny Squares. These haven't worked out so well when joined, I'm wondering whether to make more squares in different colours and make a small lap blanket...!

4. Nanny throw. I don't think this is a project I've blogged about yet so more about this later!
5. Bubble Gum Ripple Blanket
6. Pomegrante snood.

7. Little Woolie Inspired Cushion. I should finish this soon, I've only got a few more rows to do!
8. Ribbed Phone Cover
9. Stripy Snood

2012 collage

1. Crochet hook handle, made from Fimo
2. Moss Stitch Scarf
3. Crochet owl

4. Crochet Father Christmas
5. Knitted bunting
6. Knitted cable hat

7. Bunting
8. Knitted cat mouse hat
9. Polka dot skirt

2012 collage

1. First pomegranate snood
2. Turquoise cable hat
3. Lingonberry biscuits :)

4. Winter striped scarf
5. Snowflake Christmas card
6. Chunky mustard snood

7. Pink fluffy scarf
8. Grass cable snood
9. Giveaway cactus

I've got loadssss of other things to show you that I started over the holidays too, lets cross our fingers for some good weather this weekend and I'll try to get some half decent photos to share :)

x x x x


  1. So many lovely things! Can't wait to see what you create in 2013!
    Karen x

  2. I am glad you had a good is sad and a relief at the same time that it is all over! I love your collages. x

    1. I completely agree Lucy! I love Christmas & it looks a bit bare now the decs are down but can you imagine if it went on much longer :o

  3. Hi Nicole.. wow, sounds like your xmas day was A+ perfection! You've made some wonderful things over the year and look forward to what you do the next.
    Hugs from Oregon.. Teresa

    1. Thanks Teresa, as have you! Hope you and your family had a good Christmas, love the hot pad you made, I could do with more of these myself :)

  4. So many pretty things you've accomplished, well done!! I'm very curious to find out what you started over the holidays :-)
    p.s. I LOVE those fairisle slippers!!

    1. Yay thanks Nanita :) Knitting, crochet & paper crafts all coming soon...

      One of them involved DPNs but the pattern was perfect for a beginner nudge nudge!

  5. Oh wow I love your projects ... I have just started to follow your blog so thought I'd also pop in and say hello!! xxx

    1. Thanks Melliemoo, I'm off to visit your blog now too :)

  6. Wow what a lot of projects, that is awesome, there are some really lovely things in there! - Annie

    1. Thanks Annie! You don't realise how much you've done til you put it together but I see you've been busy yourself :D


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