Saturday, 16 March 2013

In the month of March

Things making me happy

I ordered a book called Knitted Animal Hats by Fiona Goble from the interwebs and after a few days of waiting (in which I whinged every day about why it hadn't arrived, much to J's dismay) it finally came. I've got a thing for knitted hats, especially animal ones.

knitted animal hats

Even though I made a cat/mouse hat last year I've embarked on this one already because I think it's adorable and it should help me to practice and hone some more knitting skills :)
slinky cat

I spent a few hours this afternoon with people who live nearby clearing a little plot of land that the Council has leant us to turn into a community garden which we're calling Phoenix Gardens :)

You can see how much we got done from the before & after photos!

pheonix garden before

pheonix garden day 1

Back breaking work and I'm feeling it already!

I've been making a snood for my friends mum and while it's terribly terribly tedious I'm happy because I'm now on the second ball of yarn. Although I still have about 90g of the 100g to go I feel like I might be on the home stretch...

Angelas snood

Joining the WI which I have completely forgotten to mention, it's a new one set up by two knitting friends. The butterflies in the photo above are on a top I got in last weeks clothes swap for 50p :)

Being restless with my blog at the moment and changing the theme every week it seems. I might settle eventually :)

Finding all the good happy things in life at the moment has been very comforting and remind me to try and live life to the full and not to take anything for granted - ok I know that sounds incredibly cliché but bear with me...

Very very very horribly sadly a friend who I've known since starting my job has lost his year long battle to cancer and died on Mothers Day :( I think I had just over a week to come to terms with the fact that he was going to die before he did, and that hit me hard. I've never known anyone who was going to die and I didn't know how to deal with that. Not well as it happens, I just felt full of sadness.

His death came a lot sooner than anyone expected but in some ways I feel some relief that he's not in pain any more and can be at peace. My heart goes out to his partner and their 7 year old daughter who I've thought about a lot these last few weeks. I don't know how they will manage and cope without the love of their life and Dad. It's just so so sad. Much love goes to them x

So take it from me, don't leave anything until it's too late. If there's someone you love or miss then tell them, because I sure as hell wish I'd been in contact more. Now go and read something crafty & cheery because I fear I might have made you a little sad and I don't want to do that, I just needed to share xXx

x x x x


  1. I was so sorry to read about your friend and colleague. When this first happens you don't know how you will react. You look around at how other people are coping and I know that with me, it was trying to be strong for everyone else (my friend and colleague was killed in a car crash along with her two children on their way to school a few years ago). If there is one thing that came from her death it was, like you say, don't leave anything until it's too late. We all changed our lives afterwards, and all for the better. She left us that gift. Live life as if each day is your last, and enjoy. That plot of land is certainly getting a lot of love! Take care. Chel x

    1. Oh god Chel that's awful :( It completely puts your own life in perspective doesn't it? Big hug to you for what happened :( x

  2. Hi Nicole! I'm excited for you and your garden, do keep un apprised of how it comes along. Your snood is so pretty and I'm sure will be loved. So sorry to hear of your friend... we have a similar situation with my husbands BIL - it's just awful.
    ((hugs)), Teresa

    1. Hiya Teresa, I'm so sorry to hear about your Brother in Law :( I will definitely keep you updated on our garden though, excitingly we're meeting tomorrow and it looks like loads of people have contacts who want to give us seeds and help out :) x

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. How sad. The garden is going to be wonderful, you got a lot done. The snood is looking great!

    1. Thanks Jennifer, we did well didn't we! I can't believe how much I ached for TWO days. I guess it was worth it though :p

  4. That's so terribly sad :-( x

    1. I know :o I didn't know if I should share but sometimes it's good being honest. Life's nothing if not up & down right? Anyway... things are alright :)

  5. Your blog is looking good, and I know how it feels to be unsettled with themes. I find some projects feel like they take a while, but you will get there!!

    I am sorry to hear about your friend,losing someone is really hard. My thoughts are with all those who lost him!

    1. Ta Hazel, you're probably right I'll settle on something. I'm this bad with dying my hair ;p

      Thanks for your thoughts as well, we're all doing good now :) x

  6. Thanks for sharing right where you are, Nicole....gardening, stitching...growing...caring. Life is amazing and challenging, isn't it.
    I am celebrating your happy challenges with you and caring about your loss.

    1. I couldn't have put that better myself really Gracie, life does throw us some tough times doesn't it? It wouldn't be right if everything went well all the time, and it definitely makes me appreciate when I have no worries :) x


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