Saturday, 11 May 2013

I'm still here honest!

Excuse me while I just dust off the cobwebs there...  Wow I have missed blogging!!  I haven't been away travelling or anything exciting like that but I just seem to be very busy lately & blogging has had to take a back seat.  I've kept up on my reading (just about) & I'm feeling very inspired and creative!

New old needles

As there's a lot to talk about I'll start with hats :-) These are my new obsession & for better or worse our two nephews will slowly be gaining a collection of knitted animal hats as I continue to churn them out for no other reason than I enjoy the clicking of needles & I'm trying to de-stash a little!

Check me out, I haven't bought any yarn all year and it's MAY!
When I said that in January J scoffed.  Hah.  So no more of this

After making my own crochet cross stitch hat I made one for smallest nephew, it was supposed to be for Christmas but it was given a bit late.  Good thing the weathers been reliably rubbish!  As you can see it's a great fit (testament to the pattern) & he seems to like it :-)
Crochet hat

The pattern is on Tara's blog Easy Makes Me Happy here.

Unfortunately the lion hat was (as I feared) too short so I need to get more Stylecraft in Camel. The only problem is now that I'm actively trying not to buy wool I might need to see if I can get some in a swap or something.

This is my latest hat endeavour intended for biggest nephew


I've loved knitting this even though I slightly messed up the pattern and realised you really do have to follow it but I've made it work.  Lots of new techniques I've not tried before so I feel like I'm a proper knitting bee now :)


Other wondeful endeavours have included afternoon tea in the Northern Quarter - that's my Dad!  Sorry Dad you've been blogged now :)


Climbing in April & May (look at the difference in one month!)

Climbing April May Styal Woods (there's a bloody great big drop beneath me which this photo doesn't do justice.  Probably for the best really.  Hello Mum.)

Styal Woods 

My folks and amazingly my big-little brother came up for a long weekend too so I dragged them out to Alderly Edge, which apart from being full of mansions and footballers (we didn't see any, footballers that is) actually has an 'edge' (another great big drop!) and some lovely walks, including the Wizards Walk.

The Wizards Well
It says, "Drink of this and take thy fill for the water falls by the Wizhard's Will". See his wizardy face at the top?

If you've ever read the the Weirdstone of Brisingamen then you'll know what I'm talking about.  My mum read it to me when I was a kid so I was really excited to take her as the book is all set around here.

Did you all watch the Great British Sewing Bee? I did and it totally got me back into sewing. It's a post for another time but I'm really looking forward to sharing.


x x x x


  1. Nice catching up with you.. I've missed seeing you on my blog! You're a cutie pie and so is your dad. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Welcome back to blogging, its good to hear from you!! x

  3. It's nice to see you again! Your hats are adorable. Nice pic of you and your dad. :)

  4. Hi Nicole! Thanks for the update....I'd been wondering what has been happening in your neck of the woods :-) I'm glad that you had lots of happy things to with family and some impressive knitting! I have not tried anything more complicated than socks, and those are still challenging to me so I am especially impressed with your efforts! I tried to watch the Sewing Bee on the internet but the site I was on didn't allow me to watch from the USA...but the program sounded like fun!
    I'm glad you like Joy Sugar-Bunny :-)


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