Monday, 1 April 2013

Happy Bank Holiday!

Happy Easter and happy April Fools! Hope you've not been caught out by any sneaky jokes or surprises this morning :p I forgot until 11.37 so had about 20 minutes to try and trick J but I couldn't come up with anything... 

Yesterday I did some actual genuine Spring Cleaning (a first for everything?) and we've got a big pile of charity shop things now - old snowboarding clothes (not been since '07!) tops I don't wear, bags...  You name it.  I know this is boring but I even hoovered under the bed.  I want to look back on this post in awe ;-)

So where was I... Ahh yes, on and off my needles this week!

I started this little hat for on Wednesday at our WI craft club and finished it on Friday night!  Two evenings isn't bad going for a whole project right?  Just the kind I like :)

It's from my Knitted Animal Hat's book again by Fiona Goble (go buy it!) and I've knitted it up in Stylecraft Special DK Camel 1420.  The tutorial says to use the yarn double which I've never seen or tried before & I thoroughly love the outcome.  It doesn't look much but it makes the hat much thicker than just using normal double knit, and I wish wish wish I'd done this on my friends blue snood!

Little Lion Man (hat)

Unfortunately I ran out of yarn for the main hat as it was left overs from my big hexagon blanket, so little lion hat doesn't have any earflaps :(  If I ever get anymore, I may steal the hat back to finish it off properly but it's ok for now.

As much as I love the hat, it's much too small as it's intended for our nephews First birthday, I hope it fits!!

 On Saturday I quickly hooked up this jar cosie to hide all those annoying receipts that J has lying around the house.  It's a mix of blues from my yarn stash, which I'm trying to reduce.  It's April and I haven't bought any wool all year!

It could probably do with another round or two of cream. 

So anyway, how are you lovely people doing? I was a bit late to the party when it came to joining Google Reader, I only found it a couple of months ago & it completely changed my blogging habits for the better :) I love receiving comments so I know how much other bloggers do to, the problem was I'd started to follow so many blogs it only took a day or two away from my laptop and *boom*! I could barely keep up :)

So... When I heard Google were closing Reader down I was a bit annoyed really but it's actually ended up being quite positive as thanks to this post on Sandra's blog Cherry Heart I found Feedly which is a million times better :) So now I've got all my blogs organised - if I fancy a knitting read I can do that, or some home loving I can read that.

And if I go away and haven't read for a while, I can quickly catch up on my fave blogs in no time, yippee!

If you want to join Feedly and follow me here you can do

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  1. Bravo for your Spring cleaning and your stitching projects! The lion hat reminds me of the lion mittens one of my aunties knit for me about 55 years ago...I loved them and can imagine the lion hat will be treasured as well [flaps or no flaps :)] Thanks for your input on the switch from Google Reader which I have not sorted out yet for myself, Nicole.
    Wishing you happy joke :)

  2. Good job with the spring cleaning. And your crafts look great. I love that lion hat, it came out perfect!

  3. I love the Lion Hat! I did a little bit of Spring Cleaning myself yesterday, although it didn't feel exactly like "spring" cleaning... we're freezing here! I hope the wheather is a bit friendlier in Manchester! :-) xxxx

  4. I love your hat and I have been a bit obsessed with crochet jar covers I've got my jars full of spring flowers x

  5. I've yet to do spring cleaning, but good for you! That hat looks good even without ear flaps.. I love your jar cosy!

  6. I've yet to do spring cleaning, but good for you! That hat looks good even without ear flaps.. I love your jar cosy!

  7. I love the lion hat too.. but wow, using the blues shading up to white on that jar is spiffy for sure! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. What a lovely bright blog. Found you by mistake but glad I did. Have subscribed! :-)

  9. I love the jar cosie! I might be stealing this idea, we also have plenty of receipts everywhere, waiting to get lost just before we need them.


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