Tuesday, 30 July 2013

We wanted to be the sky

I have been very good at this lately & I can't quite put my finger on why.  I haven't written in weeks, I've got lots of things I've been meaning to sew but just don't 'feel' like doing them, I've been putting off sending emails, phoning friends or sending messages for 'another day', I haven't checked Feedly since before Glastonbury; I have 394 unread blog posts.  Crappity crap!

Rosie Elmer Blanket

I've decided enough is enough!  This will not do...  No...  

I'm going to fix a skirt that I sewed up pretty badly later this evening and I am blogging as we speak!!  I've sent messages to a couple of friends that I'd been meaning to catch up with and I've read some of my fave blogs which has massively cheered me up - well, made me feel better, I have to say I'm pretty cheery as it happens, just a bit off balance maybe?  I do have a lot to catch up on though so here goes...

Today would be 'Tuesdays Tallies' if only I'd kept up, but hey I'm still going with this one right?  I ran out of a few colours which I mentioned in my last post so I've introduced some light grey.  Unfortunately it's just a cheap acrylic yarn & I've no idea where it came from or who it's made by but it's fairly soft, just not Stylecraft soft :(

Rosie Elmer Blanket

Rosie Elmer Blanket 
I think it's working quite well but I've definitely got too much of the pale pink going on (I just have a lot more of this left!) I'm going to have to raid more of my yarn stash I think to find a new colour to add, but for now one thing is clear; I need to stop with the pink!

One of the reasons I have such a pathetic number of squares is I've been knitting up a super teddy bear from Knitted Toy Tales (which is my new favourite book)

Knitted Toy Tales
She was originally intended for my friends baby (she's due in November!) but while sewing all the legs, arms, ears & patches on a little voice was saying "this might not be baby safe!" and another voice was saying "keep it!" and another voice said "I'll have it!" - that last one was my mum.  Ok, those weren't her exact words, it was something along the lines of 'maybe it should be for an older person' and a certain someones age might have been mentioned.

Well, bear who has not yet been named - or photographed even - went home with my mum & dad yesterday morning when they left ours after a lovely long weekend.  My mum is under a promise to take some lovely photos to share with you all.



I would quite like to own one of these (houses, not the vase because I own that, isn't it cute?) it would seem that luck isn't on our side.  We thought that the house had just been over-valued but actually it's much worse!  

It's worth bang-on what we've offered, if we get a full structural engineers survey done because the chimney breasts were removed & therefore the chimney isn't supported.  Oh, and if we get the wall built up in the loft so we can't climb into the neighbours house.  And if we get some cavity wall ties checked.  And have a damp, timber & electric check done.

Plants and chillies

HUH? When was I informed that house buying would be this complicated?!  Needless to say things have stalled to pretty much a halt.  Infact we've gone backwards in as far as we've started to look at other houses, just-in-case.  Bummer!

Everything else
Maybe everything else would be too much, probably best to be shared another time - like the promise of teddy bear photos, or the RHS Tatton Park Flower Show, or shopping bargains :)
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  1. Great post Nicole. You seem to have loads on the go. Don't be too hard on yourself - hey it's summer. The Tunic is from Ottobre magazine(do a google search) and the edition is Autumn/winter 5/2009. Does that make me 4 years out of fashion?? The pattern instructions are easy and the pattern tracing is Ok once you get the hang of it. Thanks for reading my blog Jo x


  2. You've had a lot going on. I love the colors of your little squares, they work beautifully together.

  3. Ahhhh house hunting explains it all, or at least a lot :) I like your squares, even the pink ones, but by all means find another color that pleases you more so that you can enjoy what you are creating. I'm looking forward to seeing your bear!
    Gracie xx

  4. Hello Nicole! I hope your Mom shows us your bear, I'm keen to see it as I've crocheted 5 of them and am on my 6th and last.. in "Shocking Pink".. as per my youngest grandSON's choice. :-) Glad to see you back, I hope you have time to catch up on my blog.. :-) ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Hello there.

    Life happens - don't worry.

    Looking forward to Tatton Park pics.

  6. We all get a little starstruck at times and then have to come down with a bump but there's always next time! I'm getting excited about seeing Johnnie Walker (Radio 2 DJ) at the Edinburgh Festival later next month and I bet I'll be starstruck too (Johnnie Walker for gawd's sake!).
    I love that book too - borrowed it from my library but haven't managed to make anything from it yet! Lovely squares too.

  7. Your squares are still looking great though, I am curious as to what colour you will add next....

  8. Good to see you here and lovely post.
    I am the queen of getting nothing done lol


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